Make the winning choice for the emotional well-being of your employees

Are you concerned about taking preventative care of the stress and well-being of your teams? Qookka is a complete solution that integrates live activity sessions, access to online psychotherapists and inspiring content.

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Invest in the mental well-being of your employees

Every euro invested in a prevention and mental health promotion program leads to a net profit of up to 13 euros. (EU-OSHA)


of employees would like to see their company invest in mental services.  

1 out of 2

employee identified in psychological distress.

€ 13,340

cost of ill-being at work per employee per year.

A complete, very engaging and human service

Thanks to a fixed monthly investment, your company provides access to a rich panel of services easily accessible from any place or time: daily sessions to relax, meditate, be physically active or work on your posture, access to psychotherapists online, inspiring advices.


Live sessions

Whether participating from their home office or another workplace, employees have access to effective 15-minute Live sessions throughout the day in three dimensions: Meditation and relaxation, Body in motion, Art of Posture.



A team of certified psychotherapists and psychologists are available every day of the week for individual sessions for people who feel the need.


Rich content

Videos, podcasts, articles. Our team knows their subject well and offers inspiration and lessons with daily publications. Well-being, self-confidence, control of emotions will no longer be a well-kept secret.


4.8 / 5

+ 17%

Proven satisfaction and improvement of employees

Taking an active break, for example with the 15-minute meditation on Qookka, considerably reduces the stress level of the employees.

Average member rating after each coaching and therapy session.

Employees can greatly improve their quality of life by regularly practicing meditation, relaxation or fitness exercises.

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Yoga at Home

How it works?

We support you at each stage of the deployment of the solution. We listen to your need to customize the offer to your budget, prepare for a successful launch through targeted communication and give you the means to monitor the results of your investment.

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Choose the number of Live sessions, the themes and the quantity of consultations that you want to make available to your teams and we will offer you a turnkey package according to your budget.


We customize the platform according to your needs in 24 hours for a quick launch always accompanied by a webinar at the start to explain its operation and its benefits.


We provide you with a communication kit that you can distribute to your employees. In order to maintain engagement, an inspiring newsletter is sent out every two weeks.


Each month, we send you a detailed report of the platform usage and satisfaction statistics. You can thus see the results in complete transparency and manage changes.

4 good reasons to choose Qookka

Deploying an emotional health service means joining the top of the ranking of the most advanced companies in the management of their most precious asset: their employees. If you are still hesitant to deploy Qookka in your company, here are some arguments that will make you mind.

80% participation rate

80% participation rate

Having a service that cares for you makes all the difference. The combination of psychological support and friendly live sessions is unparalleled.

Greater motivation

Greater motivation

Showing your employees that you care about them increases their motivation and overall well-being.

Increased productivity

Increased productivity

Active breaks can improve productivity throughout the day, especially in home offices where no breaks are provided.

Loyal employees

Loyal employees

A healthy corporate culture reduces employee turnover and improves the employer brand.

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